Monday, 11 February 2013



On my recent travels green hues has caught my eyes everywhere. The answer is blowing in the wind... I predict that GREEN will be important.

Scandinavian blonds: Washed pale hues of green seen on vintage doors and paneled walls in decay.
Beautiful shades of weathered slate.              

The irresistible combination of green and pink. 

No wonder were Consuelo Castiglioni or Miuccia Prada get their inspiration for their quirky color combinations. Eye popping tiles everywhere you turn.

Poison Ivy greens on interiors. Velvet furniture, brocade tapestries and wollen carpets.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


My snaps from a week of assisting on a shoot.

The beauty of a backlit draped plastic curtain in an empty studio, like a blank canvas.
Composition with green.
Color scales everywhere you turn. Washed yellow, bleached orange, faded green and  staring blue.
Instant inspiration. Enough ideas to create a capsule collection right there on the spot! Heavy top stitches, unexpected color combinations, brushed metal closures or worn versus shiny. Endless ideas.
Projecting narcissus against the various backgrounds. I love what the studio light does with your complexion. Erasing flaws from the dry winter air.

Capturing artful patterns from walls and cement floors in decay. Red, pink, aqua, grey and green. 
Countless green hues from stacks of husked back walls.
Green screen. Blue Screen.