Wednesday, 30 January 2013


                                                      MEN`S JEWELRY

                        "Hey baby, noticed you eat your jewelry for breakfast
                                                     I swear, it's crazy.."

                                           Taste, Frank Ocean

      I bring you four pieces of jewelry with great sentimental value collected along the way...

Pear shaped elixir bottle found in a thrift store, yet to be opened. Excites me!

A precious cobalt colored star shaped amulet in a silver chain given to me from my friend. 
"Can you blow my whistle baby?" Silver dogs whistle from a military supply store.
Clean - Sleek - Minimal
 Masculine, sexy and black stone in thin black chain with pure gold clasps given to me by the talented jewelry designer Karen Von Pederstad form Retusj a late night at the club. Mille grazie.

Monday, 28 January 2013



"I`m just a soul who`s bluer than blue can be" 
Mood Indigo, Irving Mills

My love for the rugged, cotton twill fabric is an endless affair. Denim is my wardrobe safety when I don`t know what to wear. I admire how it ages well, as the fit and feel get`s more desirable after every wash given.

My favorite pair of jeans are my 12 year old Painter Jean by Helmut Lang, from the time when Mr. Lang was still the head of the brand. The classic cut jean splattered with white and grey paint on distressed blue denim never seem to tire me.
The idea of the painters patinated clothes is an enchanting thought and the nonchalance of wearing garments with stains outside of the atelier is inspiring.
A classic five pocket model
The sexy button fly...
Torn, white washed edges...
A beloved old raw denim shirt going from 100% Indigo to all shades possible of blue hues!
Adding elbow patches to make the shirt last forever.
The beauty of a washed out neck label.
Top stitches that refuses to bleach in a nice contrast to the distressed denim. 
Mending the holes of another pair for a personal touch.
Wearing my beloved MiuMiu blazer repetitively, a great companion when my eyes are blue.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I was amazed when discovering these vintage fabric files from the Book Stand at Pitti FilatiThey were to me the most inspiring at the entire fair. While the yarn manufacturers where mostly into fancy yarns, wax coating and shiny lurex blends, these books said a quiet hello with their dusty presence. Countless fabric swatches, neatly prepared from the teeth of zigzag scissors were telling stories of various collections.
The ancient art of book binding: distressed leather covers, featherlight separators and faded paper sheets.

Precise, classic graphics

The idea of reusing the files again and again..

Ceaseless choices

And the liberating variation of color and style! You can find inspiration in everything.