Wednesday, 30 January 2013


                                                      MEN`S JEWELRY

                        "Hey baby, noticed you eat your jewelry for breakfast
                                                     I swear, it's crazy.."

                                           Taste, Frank Ocean

      I bring you four pieces of jewelry with great sentimental value collected along the way...

Pear shaped elixir bottle found in a thrift store, yet to be opened. Excites me!

A precious cobalt colored star shaped amulet in a silver chain given to me from my friend. 
"Can you blow my whistle baby?" Silver dogs whistle from a military supply store.
Clean - Sleek - Minimal
 Masculine, sexy and black stone in thin black chain with pure gold clasps given to me by the talented jewelry designer Karen Von Pederstad form Retusj a late night at the club. Mille grazie.

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