Saturday, 6 April 2013


                                                                       PARKAS  PLAY
When packing down my winter wardrobe I started to play dress-up with my favorite jackets by turning them inside and out for a fresh take. I guess that is a habit which attribute from studying design when The Belgian Six and their deconstruction tendencies where a huge inspiration! I also used to love how  Björk tore out the lining of dresses and wore them as couture for her Debut cover pamphlet.
The resemblance of an Alexander Wang Parka is obvious when using this 10 year old beige Charhartt jacket on the reversed side. Complete with black, shiny, argyle padded satin sleeves, cream white teddy fur in body and hood, and facing from beige, worn in cotton canvas. I feel ready for the darker hoods of Oslo next winter!
ACNE Jeans tuxedo pants, NIKE hightops (purchase from the lovely Ege Sücan`s very own Vintage store in Istanbul), fair trade black V-neck.

Little did I know about the vibrant red parkas in my closet when turning my black Diesel Parka inside out.
Complete with argyle patterned padded satin lining and teddy fur collar along the hood. The black details look so fierce against the shiny red surface. Two in one - convertible is fun!
Burnt sienna Whyred pants, Orange plaid Uniqlo shirt and petrol and orange Nike sneaks. Ready to glow. 


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  1. i just love that pink jacket . the colour is just amazing