Sunday, 3 March 2013

Grunge & Glory

                                                         GRUNGE REUNION

There is a revival of grunge in several of the spring 2013 collections, with Dries van Noten at the helm with an appealingly take on the irresistible layering trend from 1992 hitting the stores right this minute.

This Grunge and Glory series featured in American Vogue in December 1992 features a great deal of Marc Jacobs' infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis from the same year, a collection that people still marvel over!Not to mention Naomi Campbell, Nadja Auermann  and Kristen McMenamy and some perfect tartans. I tirelessly rediscover this issue.

"It was when I discovered this series that I started to browse the magazine shelves at the kiosk after my dancing classes to cultivate my earnest affection for fashion and a lifelong relationship with American Vogue."
"What started as a local, money`s not-an-option-style, associated with Seattles`s music scene, turned into an all-American street fashion that mixes rough-and-tumble work clothes with waifish thrift-shop finds and a generous dose of androgyny."
Expressed par exellence by Kristen McMenamy!
"The series which was realized by the keen eye of Anna Wintour, already in her fourth year as editor in chief and with the bravery of fashion editor Grace Coddington in collaboration with the magic lense of Steven Meisel made a strong imprint on me and continues to do so."
"Layers with flannel shirts, long sleeved thermals, doc martens, floral printed night gowns, all topped with moth eaten sweaters and a little crocheted scullcap"
... captivating!"


  1. yes, my thoughts exactly....brilliant montage! I don't care what people say about grunge fashion...this issue will always be so iconic!

  2. Agree! One of my favorites for sure!