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Interview: Peter Jensen

                                                         OUT OF THE ORDINARY

I was lucky to get hold of the charming Danish Designer Peter Jensen for a quick Q&A. His signature might be oddity and a pretty strangeness on the surface of his collections, but after digging into his treasure chest I found a limited edition Tee Shirt cooperation with Opening Ceremony, and the fact that the brilliant filmmaker/actress Lena Dunham is sporting his garments on and off stage! Please use a few precious moments to absorb his inspiring thoughts.

Portraits of the designer: Paul Bliss

Herrbergquist: Your garments are often embellished with naive drawings of animals. Do you have a pet or favorite animal who inspires you?

Peter Jensen: No, not really, i can't say that i do. I do really like dogs all sorts of dogs. I think, that dogs brings out the true person in you, they can smell if you are evil.

Q: Rare patterns and odd combinations of colour and fabrics are also frequently present in your work. What are you inspired by right in this moment?

A: Right now a few things one of them being Paulette Goddard.

One of Peter Jensen´s muses: factory worker turned lottery millionaire Vivian Nicholson exclaimed "Spend, Spend, Spend " when she was asked how to mange her newfound fortune in 1962, which inspired his A/W 2013 collection. Who wouldn´t feel  lavish with this statement on the chest?

Odd colors, precise tailoring and rare fabrics turns into desirable outfits in his "Arne" A/W Pre 2013 Collection,  a very fine pipe smoking gentleman by the name of Arne Jacobsen serves as inspiration, hence the name. I would love to take a turn in those glittery shoes.

Q: I am in love with my Peter Jensen for Harris Tweed shoes that you made with them a few years back. It must have been inspiring to work with such an old, traditional company?

A: Yes it was great fun to work with an old fabric mill like Harris tweed, which does great things new and old. I love the quality of Harris Tweed.

My coveted Peter Jensen for Harris Tweed, purchased from Surface To Air in Paris a few years back.

Q: Lena Dunham was recently spotted in one of your fox sweaters? Congratulations! How did this come true?

A: Yes,thanks i love Lena, I got to know her when we worked with her mom Laurie Simmons for the SS10 collection. She is great and is doing so well for herself. We also did some looks for "girls" and we did her dress for the grammys this year.

Q: Many of your sweaters, tees, shawls and bags can easily be worn by men and are even defined as unisex, and I presume you have many male fans? What is your favourite garment from your own collection that you love to wear?

A: Well we do do a mens collection every season, but it is true that i try more and more to make it unisex. I think, this is the way for fashion at the moment.
I love this black canvas blazer from the SS08 "mink" collection, it makes me feel thin and stand up right.


                              Pure Pink Unisex Fine Waffle Crew Neck Sweater - Aqua Blue Peter Jensen Tee                              

Q: You studied in England, at Central St. Martins, but you are originally Dansih. What do you covet most from your Danish background that is also visible in your design?

A: Yes i did my MA at st.martins and is now head of the MA menswear pathway. I did my BA in Copenhagen and a tailoring degree in Aarhus.
I don't know what it is about what i do that is visible as coming from Denmark, but i can't run from the fact that i was born and rise in Denmark, which much have some kind of influencing on my work.
Maybe it has a "hyggelig" feel to it or it makes people happy when they wear it, i'm not sure.

                          "Hyggelige" (aka nice/cosy) look book shoots: Rabbit Scribble Tee - Rabbit Rainbow Tee

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