Monday, 22 April 2013

Interview: Richard Haines

                                                Richard Haines - WHAT I SAW TODAY


Richard Haines captured by Michael Adolfsson & ´WAS A LITTLE COOLER THIS MORNING´, Wednesday August 27, 2008.

When browsing through Richard Haines blog "What I saw Today" I get impressed by the way he uses his eyes and pencils to create instant drawings - looking like they were sketched with the speed of a camera lens. I see a striking resemblance to artist Egon Schiele with his compositions, subtle color sense and in the beautiful way he captures movements. You may have seen him at The Selby or some of his collaborations with the likes of London Sunday Times, J Crew, In Style Magazine or Prada to mention a few.
Get inspired from his humble and thoughtful answers to my questions and by viewing a small collection of his work! For more, visit his blog here

Herrbergquist: What has been your proudest moment so far in your career as an illustrator?

Richard Haines: There have been many proud moments. I think overall I was very proud and happy when I realized I could make enough money from my art to pay my bills - that was pretty major.
Once when I first started the blog I was in a store with my daughter and someone came up and asked if I was Richard Haines, and they loved my work. My daughter and I were pretty stunned and it was a great moment because I wanted my daughter to see that I could rebuild my life and do something I really loved.


Q: Tell me about your favorite collaboration?

A: There have been a lot of great collaborations - each in different ways. The people at J Crew really gave me my first big opportunity, so that was amazing. And working with Prada was fantastic. They both are different companies but have the same level of commitment and intelligence to what they do. I feel fortunate to work with companies like that.

Q: Do you have a favorite drawing from your archives?

A: I have a few that I really like looking at - and they are very atmospheric. One is two guys walking in Bushwick at around 4:am. Another is of a guy walking through the snow. They remind me of certain moments in time, and have certain memories, which is why I enjoy them. 

Q: When did you start drawing men in their outfits in the streets?

A: I am not sure when exactly. I was designing men`s clothes before I started the blog and switched careers to become an illustrator, so it`s something I´ve done for a while.
When I started my blog I originally was thinking of making it a kind of men`s fashion report - a trend report for menswear, but then there was so much I saw on the streets that it became easier to just draw what I saw instead of put things together as stories. It think it`s a really interesting time in menswear, and I am glad to be documenting it.

´AND NOW SOMETHING MELLOW´, thursday september 4th, 2008 & ´WHAT I AM LOVING NOW´, Sunday April 25, 2010

Q: What do you find inspiring?

A: I´ve always been really excited by pop culture - starting when I was a kid with the beginning of music like Rolling Stones, Warhol, the "mod" look.... and I find living in Brooklyn gives me the same kind of excitement - I love seeing new ways people put them selves together, new restaurants, parties, hearing new music. It fascinates me, and drawing it is a way of recording it, of processing it and capturing it.

Q: What is a day in the life of Richard like?

A: Well nothing really starts without coffee, so after that it´s pretty standard - answer work and personal emails, spend too much time on facebook, instagram etc. Then I usually have an illustration job I´m working on, so I tackle that while I have the best natural light in my studio. 
If I´m not working on a specific job I like to go out and explore - maybe meet a friend for lunch, check out a new store, and then inevitably see someone I´ll want to draw, so that will bring me back to my studio.
Evenings I like to see my daughter, or friends for dinner, or maybe occasionally an event or opening. If I stay I´ll watch a movie on netflix or hulu+. There are so many movies we have access to now - it`s endless...

´HOMECORE MONDAY´, January 28, 2013 & ´WHAT`S THAT OLD RULE OF THUMB´, Friday March 27, 2009

Q: You seem to have a very keen eye for men`s fashion - what is your favorite piece of garment from your own closet?

A: Right now I`m really into Acne Jeans. The cut is just perfect - I feel great whenever I put them on. I have a few pairs of slippers form Stubbs & Wootton - they´re very glamorous. I think my all time favorite pair of Church suede wingtips I got around 1981. I still love wearing them - it`s a testament to good design and quality!

                                            ´THE BOYS OF BUSHWICK´, Friday April 29, 2011